Fall 2023
Interpersonal Communication COM110
3.00 Credit SUN# logo COM1110
Flex Start Flex Start Classes Honors Honors Class

Theory and practice of communication skills which affect day-to-day interactions with other persons. Topics may include using verbal and nonverbal symbols, interactive listening, resolving interpersonal conflict, developing and maintaining personal and professional relationships. Prerequisites: None.

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General Education Designations
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Class Number Delivery Days Dates Times Type
33001 Online - October 23, 2023 - December 15, 2023 - Lecture
Honors Program Section that requires an Honors Project.
Flex Start Class
Permission of Department Required
Department Consent Required
Last full refund date Student Last Date to Withdraw Section no. Class Fees
October 27, 2023 November 13, 2023 0014 -

Books and Materials

  • Interpersonal Communication (CUSTOM) (Required)
  • 4th edition (2021)
  • ISBN: 9781307656992
  • Publisher: MCGRAW HILL
  • Author: Floyd
  • Type: Textbook
  • Estimated Price: $91.75 (new)
  • New Retail Price: 91.75, Used Retail Price: 69.00, New Rental Fee: 82.58, Used Rental Fee: 36.70.
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