Spring 2022
Ideas and Values in the Humanities: Renaissance to the Contemporary World HUM251
3.00 Credit
Honors Honors Class

An historical analysis of the interrelationships of art, architecture, literature, music, and philosophy from the Renaissance to modern period, including Western and non-Western cultures.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in ENG101.

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General Education Designations
H, HU, L GE Codes
Class Number Delivery Days Dates Times Type
21144 Online - January 18, 2022 - May 13, 2022 - Lecture
Honors Program Section comprised of only five students requires an Honors Project.
Department Consent Required
Last full refund date Student Last Date to Withdraw Section no. Class Fees
January 24, 2022 March 7, 2022 0002 -

Books and Materials

  • Humanistic Tradition (V2) (Recommended)
  • 7th edition (2015)
  • ISBN: 9781259351686
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Fiero
  • Type: Textbook
  • Estimated Price: $238.00 (new)
  • New Retail Price: 238.00, Used Retail Price: 178.50, New Rental Fee: 190.40, Used Rental Fee: 95.20.
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