Fall 2021
ESL III-Writing With Oral Practice ESL032
3.00 Credit

Emphasis on complex sentence patterns in writing and speech. Introduction to the prewriting and writing process in a college setting. May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) credits.

Prerequisites: Appropriate ESL course placement score, or a grade of C or better in ESL022, or permission of instructor.

Class Availability: Open
9 of 9 seats available
Class Number Delivery Days Dates Times Type
37697 Live Online MW August 23, 2021 - December 17, 2021 8:30am - 9:45am Lecture
Live Online classes will meet remotely during the scheduled class times using web conferencing software (e.g., Webex, Zoom, or Google Hangouts) for all class dates. Attendance and active participation in these remote class sessions is expected, and all course work must be completed according to the deadlines given in the course syllabus. Students will need to have access to a computer or mobile device, internet, and web camera.
Last full refund date Student Last Date to Withdraw Section no. Class Fees
August 30, 2021 October 10, 2021 0001 $5.00

Books and Materials

  • Great Writing 2: Student Book (w/Online Workbk) (Required)
  • 5th edition (2020)
  • ISBN: 9780357021064
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • Author: Folse
  • Type: Textbook
  • Estimated Price: $77.75 (new)
  • New Retail Price: 77.75, Used Retail Price: 58.50. This is not a Rental Title.
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