Summer 2019
Psychology and Culture PSY132
3.00 Credit

Presents current knowledge about human diversity in behavior and culture using examples from a variety of contexts within western and global societies. Highlights topics in cross-cultural psychology, such as intergroup relations, diverse cognitive styles, ethnocentrism, gender, personality, emotion, language, communication, work and health. The role of enculturation throughout the lifespan will be explored to increase awareness of how behavioral and cognitive principles affect interactions in a multicultural world. Prerequisites: None.

Class Availablity: Cancelled
Class has been cancelled
General Education Designations
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Class Number Delivery Dates Type
14759 Online May 28, 2019 - July 18, 2019 Lecture
Last full refund date Student Last Date to Withdraw Section no. Class Fees
June 3, 2019 June 18, 2019 0003 -

Books and Materials

  • Cross-Cultural Psychology (Required)
  • 5th edition (2013)
  • ISBN: 9780205253234
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
  • Author: Shiraev
  • Type: Textbook
  • Estimated Price: $139.50 (new)
  • Used Retail Price is $104.75; Title is a rental title
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