Spring 2019
American Sign Language II SLG102
4.00 Credit

Continued development of knowledge and language skills for communicating with deaf people who sign. Includes numbers, fingerspelling, and culture. Emphasis on enhancement of receptive sign skills and continued development of expressive sign skills. Application of rudimentary, syntactical, and grammatical structure stressed with continued development of sign vocabulary.

Prerequisites: SLG101 with a grade of "C" or better, or permission of Department or Division. Completion of prerequisites within the last three years is required.

Class Availablity: started
Class has already started
Class Number Delivery Dates Type
16838 Online January 14, 2019 - May 10, 2019 Lecture
Students must have access to a webcam & Internet for recording
Last full refund date Student Last Date to Withdraw Section no. Class Fees
January 22, 2019 March 3, 2019 0001 $5.00

Books and Materials

  • Signing Naturally: Student Wkbk (w/2 DVD)(Lesson 7 (Required)
  • (2014)
  • ISBN: 9781581212211
  • Publisher: Dawn Sign Press
  • Author: Lentz
  • Type: Package
  • Estimated Price: $92.75 (new)
  • Used Retail Price is $69.75;
  • Random House Webster Concise Amer Sign Language Di (Recommended)
  • (1999)
  • ISBN: 9780553584745
  • Publisher: Bantam Books
  • Author: Costello
  • Type: Textbook
  • Estimated Price: $7.99 (new)
  • Used Retail Price is $6.00; Title is a rental title
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